About Us

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To address common challenges and opportunities to enhance and strengthen the delivery of cancer care in Canada through collaboration with national and provincial partners, and on behalf of provincially designated cancer programs.


To provide a forum for the leaders of Canada’s cancer care system to discuss, compare, learn from and collaboratively address issues that affect the delivery of cancer care in Canada.

The Canadian Association of Provincial Cancer Agencies is an inter-provincial association of provincial/territorial cancer agencies engaged in cancer control.  CAPCA works with its members to support and facilitate effective leadership, collaboration, communication and advocacy for cancer care and control.  Collectively, CAPCA members work to reduce the burden of cancer by promoting the highest quality of care and services for all Canadians affected by cancer, and by implementing this strategy in their respective provinces. The CAPCA Board of Directors includes a senior staff person from every provincial cancer program.

CAPCA supports its members by:

  1. Providing leadership in the coordination of cancer control matters as the voice of provincial/territorial cancer control development and delivery systems
  2. Contributing to the development and implementation of national cancer control initiatives and fostering inter-provincial/territorial collaboration to help maximize their impact
  3. Supporting an environment within provincial cancer agencies that is inclusive of research and innovation


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