CAPCA committees help support the implementation of CAPCA strategic priorities

Cancer Drug Implementation Advisory Committee

The Cancer Drug Implementation Advisory Committee (CDIAC) is a key mechanism in the Cancer Drug Funding Sustainability Initiative. Their role is to provide advice to the CAPCA Board of Directors, ideally prior to the initiation of pan Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance (pCPA) negotiations, about how new drugs can be integrated into existing treatment pathways. The CAPCA Board reviews CDIAC’s recommendations and if endorsed recommendations are provided as advice to provincial Ministries of Health and as needed to the pCPA. For more information please check out pan-Canadian Cancer Drug Funding Sustainability Initiative.

Systemic Therapy Safety Council

Established in 2007 the STSC includes membership from every provincial cancer agency in Canada and has a mandate to support high quality, safe patient care.  The STSC has recently supported the creation of guidelines to support the safe use and handling of oral cancer drugs in both hospital and community pharmacies.  For more information on this work please check out Oral Cancer Drug Therapy.

Drug Supply Disruptions Team

Reporting to the STSC, the DSDT helps provincial cancer agencies assess the potential impact of a drug shortage and to support communication with key stakeholders regarding drug shortages in Canada.