Systemic Therapy Safety Council

CAPCA and its member organizations are strongly committed to ensuring the safe delivery of oncology systemic therapy. In 2007, the Systemic Therapy Safety Committee was established with membership from every provincial cancer agency and program from coast to coast. With a renewed mandate and new title(1), the Systemic Therapy Safety Council continues to support high quality, safe patient care by:

  • Influencing culture and clinical practice to improve the safe delivery of oncology systemic therapy, working in partnership with organizations with a quality, patient safety, medication safety, or systems/human factors engineering related mandate.
  • Generating and promoting the use of new evidence and best practice to improve the safe delivery of systemic treatment, working across provincial cancer agencies/programs and with appropriate external stakeholders.
  • Catalyzing opportunities to share information regarding optimal oncology systemic therapy practice, workflow, and service delivery models amongst provincial cancer agencies/programs.
  • Promoting, participating in, and communicating the findings of research designed to improve the safe delivery of systemic treatment.
  • Promoting and participating in efforts that will improve and standardize medication incident reporting.




  • Susan Walisser, Professional Practice Leader, BC Cancer Agency
  • Dr. Nick Foster, Interim Head and Chief Operating Officer, BC Cancer Agency
  • Dr. Katia Tonkin, Senior Medical Oncologist, Cross Cancer Institute, Alberta Health Services
  • Scott Livingstone, Chief Executive Officer, Saskatchewan Cancer Agency
  • Kathy Gesy, Provincial Leader, Oncology Pharmacy Services, Saskatchewan Cancer Agency
  • Denise Budz, Provincial Leader, Systemic Therapy and Outpatient Services, Saskatchewan Cancer Agency
  • Valerie Wiebe, Chief Nursing Officer, CancerCare Manitoba
  • Dr. Leonard Kaizer, Provincial Head, Systemic Treatment Program, Cancer Care Ontario
  • Dr. Vishal Kukreti, Clinical Lead Systemic Therapy eTools and Technology, Cancer Care Ontario
  • Melany Leonard, Nurse Manager, Montreal General Hospital
  • Louise Paquet, Agent de recherché et de planification, Direction québécoise de cancérologie
  • Larry Broadfield, Manager, Systemic Therapy, Cancer Care Nova Scotia
  • Dr. Eshwar Kumar, Co-Chief Executive Officer, New Brunswick Cancer Network
  • Dr. Philip Champion, Medical Director, PEI Cancer Treatment Centre
  • Rick Abbott, Regional Pharmacy Manager, Systemic Therapy, Eastern Health Cancer Care
  • Sylvia Hyland, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada
  • Dr. Tony Easty, Health Technology Safety Research Team, University Health Network
  • Rachel White, Human Factors Specialist, Health Technology Safety Research Team, University Health Network
  • Kim Stelmacovich, Senior Director, Safety Improvement and Innovation, Canadian Patient Safety Council>

1. Updated September 9, 2013