Our History

The Canadian Association of Provincial Cancer Agencies (CAPCA) was informally established in the 1980s.  Initially, provincial cancer agencies from Western Canada joined to discuss issues of common interest, and to share information about developments in cancer control within and across the provinces.  By the end of the 1980s, every provincial cancer agency or program had joined CAPCA and on October 12, 1999 CAPCA was incorporated under the Canada Corporations Act. The first meeting of the newly elected Board of Directors took place on October 28, 1999 in Quebec City, Quebec and in 2000 the first Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Don Carlow, reported on CAPCA’s progress.

CAPCA has contributed to several national and pan-Canadian initiatives to support and improve access to information, including cancer research and surveillance data, to improve the quality of cancer care and treatment in communities across Canada.   For example, by working with organizations like the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, the Canadian Cancer Society, healthcare providers and professional associations, provincial health partners and academic institutions, CAPCA has:

  • advocated for the implementation of Canada’s first pan-Canadian cancer control strategy by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer
  • collaborated with the Canadian Institute of Health Research, the National Cancer Institute of Canada, and Health Canada to identify cancer research priorities as well as a strategy to address each priority systematically and in a coordinated way
  • Supported research on improving the safe delivery of chemotherapy