While other countries have established rigorous outpatient chemotherapy standards, few have identified a mechanism for consideration of the standards to become a integral part of external quality review or accreditation.  Given CAPCA’s sustained commitment to the safe delivery of outpatient chemotherapy delivery, a collaborative initiative with the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer and Accreditation Canada has been initiated to develop a new accreditation standard specific to delivery of outpatient chemotherapy.  With input from an expert advisory panel, this first-of-its-kind collaborative effort will address an area of potential risk in the system using the best available international scientific evidence, including the results of CAPCA’s research. 

Standards Development Process

  • Drafting and review of standards by the Advisory Committee
  • National consultation with relevant professional organizations, Accreditation Canada surveyors, and individual experts
  • Pilot tests in several Canadian institutions
  • Review of the final standard by Accreditation Canada and integration with their Qmentum program

More information about the national consultation and final release of the standards will be available on this site in 2011.