Cancer Drug Implementation Advisory Committee (CDIAC)

The Cancer Drug Implementation Advisory Committee (CDIAC) is a critical mechanism in our collaborative work to create a more sustainable cancer system. CDIAC’s role is to provide advice, ideally prior to the initiation of pCPA negotiations, about how new drugs can be integrated into existing treatment pathways and to achieve greater consistency in drug funding decisions across Canada. (Figure 1)

Supporting the provinces and aligning with pCODR and pCPA

(Figure 1)

The committee seeks and consolidates clinical expert opinion about potential conditions and criteria for funding by engaging site-specific (e.g. breast or lung) provincial tumour leaders and individual clinical experts. CDIAC also carefully considers the affordability and budget impact on a provincial and pan-Canadian basis to understand the financial implications of various funding options. (Figure 2)

Steps in CDIAC's process

(Figure 2)

The committee provides its recommendations to the CAPCA Board, which is made up of the most senior representative of each of the provincial cancer programs. The CAPCA Board reviews the CDIAC’s recommendations and if the members of CAPCA’s Board are in agreement, the recommendations are provided as advice to provincial Ministries of Health and as needed to the pCPA.

The CDIAC is pan-Canadian and multi-disciplinary and is chaired by a member of the CAPCA Board. It supports the work of pCPA and CADTH/pCODR and INESSS acts as an observer to this committee. Work is currently underway to include a patient and public representative to the committee. For a list of CDIAC members, please click here.